AMC 8 Winners

We have received the names of the American Mathematics Competition winners. Congratulations to all:

First Place: Dany Alkurdi

Second Place: Mashal Unar

Third Place: Ezdean Alkurdi and Nurah Ali

State Science Fair Results

We are very proud to announce that three of our students were recognized in the state science fair last Saturday. This is especially great considering that there were more than 400 projects from all over Massachusetts.

We congratulate the following students and their families:

Jafer Vakil – Second Place

Yusuf Abdelkader – Third Place

Danyal Unar – Honorable Mention


Winners from WIC Qur’an Competition

We are very proud of all Qur’an competition contestants and consider each student who memorized or reviewed Qur’an a winner.

Here are the names of Alhuda students who were recognized during the WIC Qur’an competition:

Half Juz’ Amma Category:

First Place: Amina Laddaoui, $150 prize

Third Place: Jena Khreim, $50 prize

Juz’ Amma Category:

Second Place: Samia Taufeeque, $100 prize

Surah An-Najm Category:

Special Recognition: Danyal Unar

Surah Al-Anbiya’ Category:

Special Recognition: Ahmed Mustafa

May Allah fill the hearts of all our community youth with the words and understanding of the Qur’an.

Winners, Winners… and More Winners


Last Friday, students from grades 5 to 8 participated in the Alhuda Science Fair Competition. Congratulations to all the students for a great effort worth mentioning and for the learning that they initiated through their work.

The Science Fair winners are:

Grade 5:

First Place: Safa Jawad & Ruqayah Mohammed

Second Place: Hibah Magdum & Surahi Unar

Third Place: Nurah Ali & Samia Taufeeque

Grade 6:

First Place: Jafer Vakil

Second Place: Yahya Abdul-Basser

Third Place: Ahmed Khedr

Grade 7/8:

First Place: Sumayyah Ahmed & Mashal Unar

Second Place: Farida Aboulezz & Yasmene Badereldin

Third Place: Jad Kabbara


Congratulations to Alhuda Academy Spelling Bee Winners. The listed names will all participate in the New England Spelling Bee as ISRI decided to take 3 contestants from every grade instead of 2 this year. The New England Spelling Bee will be held in Rhode Island on May 15th at 9:30. If your child is not participating, but you would still like to go, you may contact us for all the details.

And the winners are:

Grade 1

First Place: Zain Ahmed

Second Place: Zaki Khan

Third Place: Ridha Alam

Grade 2

First Place: Tasneem Mohammed

Second Place: Abdullah Taufeeque

Third Place: Rida Amroze

Grade 3

First Place: Muhammad Farrag

Second Place: Layla Nayfeh

Third Place: Ahmad Traoui

Grade 4

First Place: Khadeejah Abdul-Basser

Second Place: Ahmed Mustafa

Third Place: Abdul Rahman Zakaria

Grade 5

First Place: Hibah Magdum

Second Place: Nurah Ali

Third Place: Nora Kabbara

Grade 6

First Place: Jafer Vakil

Second Place: Mashal Unar

Third Pace: Ahmed Khedr

Grade 7

First Place: Sumayyah Ahmed

Second Place: Yasmene Badereldin

Third Place: Mohamed Khedr

Grade 8

First Place: Danyal Unar

Second Place: Yusuf Abdelkader

Highest Regional Science Fair Wins Ever

Masha’Allah, we are very proud of all the students who participated in the Regional Science Fair. Alhuda’s name was called so many times in front of hundreds of attendees, it was heart warming.

Eight of the eleven students that participated won the following awards:

Second Place: Farida Aboulezz and Yasmene Badereldin, Robot versus Instructions

Third Place: Yusuf Abdelkader, Solar-Powered Water Desalination

Third Place: Yahya Abdul-Basser, Photovoltaic Cells and the Visible Light Spectrum

Third Place: Sumayyah Ahmed and Mashal Unar, Which Memory Method is Most Effective?

Third Place: Danyal Unar, Which Wind Turbine Blade Works Best?

Fourth Place: Jafer Vakil, Illumination Intersperse

Many students received additional awards as follows:

Clean Technology Award: Alhuda students won both awards.

Yahya Abdul-Basser


Yusuf Abdelkader

The United States Army Award:

Farida Aboulezz


Yasmene Badereldin

In addition, the school was awarded a plaque for all the years of participation in the Regional Science Fair.

Alhuda State Poetry Winners

All praise to Allah, students from Alhuda Academy won the State Science Poetry Contest.

All Kindergarten students won First Place in Cooperative Poem category for the following poem:

Our body
Our brain
Eat healthy eat grains
Exercise, you gain
Happy body
Strong muscles
Watch out not to strain!
Our body
Our bone
Jump, run, skip
So you can tone
Energize your mode
Using the rainbow food code

Lama Chmaysem from first grade won Second Place in the Original Poem Category for the following poem:


Stars make light
They make shapes and constellations
All are different sizes
Stars shine in the sky
The biggest star is the sun
As hot, hot as fire

Congratulations to Inayah Alam, Suha Aslam, Maryam Guenoun, Hala Jaber, Najd Kabbara, Junayd Khattak, Khadija Laddaoui, Aman Sarwar, and Dalia Wali-Uddin,

Congratulations to Lama Chmaysem,

And to their teachers, Ms. Rouba and Mrs. Shakir.

Sally Foster Sales Contest

Masha’allah the PTO wants to congratulate our top salespersons:

1st Place: AbdulRahman Saeed
2nd Place: Muhammad Farrag and Abdullah Farrag
3rd Place: Jafer Vakil

The PTO also wants to commend the efforts of Yusuf Abdelkader, Noah Moselhy, Tesneem El-Alami, and Rena Yaghmour for selling items over the spring vacation. With the help of these students, the PTO raised over $750, Masha’allah! Jazakum Allahu Khairun!

Qur’an Star

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Qur’an Stars:

Yusuf Badereldin

Samia Taufeeque

The last Qur’an Star awards for this year will be presented on May 26, God willing.


Spelling Bee – Islamic Schools of NE

Last Saturday, students from Alhuda Academy participated in the Islamic Schools of New England Spelling Bee. Masha’allah, Alhuda students did a superb job and excelled over students from all the other participating schools.

Here are the results:
Grade 1: First Place- Tasneem Mohammed
Grade 3: Third Place- Khadeejah Abdul-Basser
Grade 4: First Place- Hibah Magdum
Grade 5: First Place- Jafer Vakil
Grade 6: First Place- Sumayyah Ahmed
Grade 8: First Place- Fatima Vakil

Congratulations to all the winners!