Volunteering at Alhuda Academy is a time-honored tradition. School volunteers perform a variety of functions such as working in the office, preparing materials for teachers and students,  presenting special topics and projects to the students, participating in school committees (e.g. PTO), and assisting with school maintenance and special projects.  A school like ours would not survive without the help of our valuable volunteers. Your support and expertise is always most welcome.

Volunteering does not require specific skills. The person you will be working with will train you. Volunteers typically work as needed. The key to a successful experience is dependability. Volunteering requires commitment for the period of time that the individual agrees to work in the school.

If you are interested in volunteering at Alhuda Academy, please contact the School or the specific teacher with whom you would like to work;  explain what you would like to do and what your schedule will allow.

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