Admissions Process


Complete the enrollment application form (one form per child for new students) along with a $50 non-refundable application fee and a $400 tuition deposit, in addition to the completed Provisional Admission Agreement.

Proof of birth – copy of birth certificate or passport.

Updated immunization and medical records.

Copies of student’s academic records from previous school- including standardized testing results for previous two years.

Signed release of records form by the parents.

Any and all psychological evaluations or individualized educational plans, if applicable.

Completed emergency, photo release, and pick-up release forms.

Results of Alhuda academy placement exam.


Students will take a placement exam that is equivalent to our end of prior year assessment in Math and English.

Students are expected to score a minimum of 70% or better on each section of the exam.

Students entering into grades 4 and up will write a personal essay as part of the placement exam to provide evidence of writing skills proficiency.


A personal interview will be conducted with the students and parents as part of the admission process.

The Admissions committee will review each application and supporting documents. The decision will be communicated in writing to the parents.

Students will be allowed to attend classes only after the registration package is completed.

The Academy reserves the right to deny or revoke admission to students if records show false or misleading information on application forms.
All enrolled students will be on provisional admission for the first three months.

Academic Probation:
If a student is admitted to Alhuda Academy and does not perform academically up to the expected standards, that student will be placed on academic probation. If at the end of academic probation period, the student is still not able to perform up to the expected standard, the student will be eligible for expulsion.

Enrollment priority is according to the following guidelines:

Students already enrolled at Alhuda Academy.
Staff member children- on a first come, first served basis.
Siblings of students of Alhuda Academy on a first come, first served

Age Guidelines for Pre-K & KG:

Students will be administered an age appropriate screening to determine readiness for appropriate grade placement. Students must be fully toilet trained before admittance to school.

Pre-K 3 child must be 3 years of age by December 31.
Pre-K 4 child must be 4 years of age by December 31.
KG child must be 5 years of age by December 31.
First grade child must be 6 years of age by December 31.
Preschool students will be assessed for readiness to move to the next level at the end of each year.

Alhuda Academy reserves the right to decline admission to students who require specialized instructions, have certain learning disabilities, behavioral problems, or ELL issues which are beyond the scope of the Academy. The Academy does not have the resources to properly serve these students. A recommendation will be made to parents to find other more appropriate accommodations for these students. Final recommendations will be made by the admission committee, which is headed by the Principal.