Sponsor The Orphans Project

Jan 17th, 2014 | By | Category: News

Sponsor the Orphans Program is going to be the school theme for the months of January and February, inshaAllah. Please support and help provide an acceptable living for the children who have almost nothing, by simply sending a small donation daily or regularly with your child. It is a great lesson in empathy for your children. At the end of the project, all collected funds will go to Helping Hand USA to benefit two orphans that our Alhuda students will be sponsoring. Sponsor The Orphans Tree will be displayed proudly in the school hallway consisting of leaves with students’ names who have donated towards the project. All student donors will share their pictures with the sponsored orphans, insha Allah.

The Prophet, peace & blessings be upon him, said: “{I and the guardian of the orphan will be in Paradise as close as these two, “indicating his index finger and middle finger”} (Sahih Bukhari)

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