May 16 Bancroft School Visit

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As you know, we host Bancroft school middle school students yearly as a form of dawah. We are looking for parents to send artifacts and food for the guests.  This year, we are happy to be hosting Imam Suhaib Webb from Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) who will be speaking at the program.

We encourage you to send as many ethnic artifacts (religious and cultural) as possible for display for the students and the adult guests. Make sure you label your items with your name on the back.  Any items you send for display; or food for the guests will be a form of sadaqa that you will receive much reward for, inshaa’ Allah.

The program is intended for the middle school students (grades 6 to 8); as Bancroft only brings their seventh graders with them. Please be aware that only the sixth through eighth grade students will have lunch with the Bancroft visitors. However, anyone may bring food and/ or cultural artifacts as a form of dawah.

Please help us make this a successful event by:

Lending us the following items:

  • Islamic/ethnic artifacts (including artistic pieces, Islamic portraits, beads, prayer rugs, and any other items that can be displayed)
  • Traditional clothes
  • New or washed Hijabs

And cooking one ethnic dish (Muslims come from all ethnic backgrounds)

We also need help setting up, cleaning up, and having parents present to mix with visitors and answer questions if necessary.

Please bring all items starting Monday, May 14th and label each item with your family name for a safe return. Food can be dropped off by 10:00am on Wednesday, May 16th.

If you can attend, let us know ahead of time. We ask Allah (SWT) to grant you good reward for your Dawa effort.

Bancroft Visit Flyer

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