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Last Friday, students from grades 5 to 8 participated in the Alhuda Science Fair Competition. Congratulations to all the students for a great effort worth mentioning and for the learning that they initiated through their work.

The Science Fair winners are:

Grade 5:

First Place: Safa Jawad & Ruqayah Mohammed

Second Place: Hibah Magdum & Surahi Unar

Third Place: Nurah Ali & Samia Taufeeque

Grade 6:

First Place: Jafer Vakil

Second Place: Yahya Abdul-Basser

Third Place: Ahmed Khedr

Grade 7/8:

First Place: Sumayyah Ahmed & Mashal Unar

Second Place: Farida Aboulezz & Yasmene Badereldin

Third Place: Jad Kabbara


Congratulations to Alhuda Academy Spelling Bee Winners. The listed names will all participate in the New England Spelling Bee as ISRI decided to take 3 contestants from every grade instead of 2 this year. The New England Spelling Bee will be held in Rhode Island on May 15th at 9:30. If your child is not participating, but you would still like to go, you may contact us for all the details.

And the winners are:

Grade 1

First Place: Zain Ahmed

Second Place: Zaki Khan

Third Place: Ridha Alam

Grade 2

First Place: Tasneem Mohammed

Second Place: Abdullah Taufeeque

Third Place: Rida Amroze

Grade 3

First Place: Muhammad Farrag

Second Place: Layla Nayfeh

Third Place: Ahmad Traoui

Grade 4

First Place: Khadeejah Abdul-Basser

Second Place: Ahmed Mustafa

Third Place: Abdul Rahman Zakaria

Grade 5

First Place: Hibah Magdum

Second Place: Nurah Ali

Third Place: Nora Kabbara

Grade 6

First Place: Jafer Vakil

Second Place: Mashal Unar

Third Pace: Ahmed Khedr

Grade 7

First Place: Sumayyah Ahmed

Second Place: Yasmene Badereldin

Third Place: Mohamed Khedr

Grade 8

First Place: Danyal Unar

Second Place: Yusuf Abdelkader


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