Alhuda State Poetry Winners

Apr 29th, 2010 | By | Category: Events

All praise to Allah, students from Alhuda Academy won the State Science Poetry Contest.

All Kindergarten students won First Place in Cooperative Poem category for the following poem:

Our body
Our brain
Eat healthy eat grains
Exercise, you gain
Happy body
Strong muscles
Watch out not to strain!
Our body
Our bone
Jump, run, skip
So you can tone
Energize your mode
Using the rainbow food code

Lama Chmaysem from first grade won Second Place in the Original Poem Category for the following poem:


Stars make light
They make shapes and constellations
All are different sizes
Stars shine in the sky
The biggest star is the sun
As hot, hot as fire

Congratulations to Inayah Alam, Suha Aslam, Maryam Guenoun, Hala Jaber, Najd Kabbara, Junayd Khattak, Khadija Laddaoui, Aman Sarwar, and Dalia Wali-Uddin,

Congratulations to Lama Chmaysem,

And to their teachers, Ms. Rouba and Mrs. Shakir.


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