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In case you were not able to come last week to Curriculum Night, we have distributed the following update on the accreditation process. Please read on, it’s very important that you are informed about this.

Why is Alhuda seeking accreditation?

In the spring of 2008, Alhuda Academy embarked on a great journey in the quest for accreditation. We are seeking accreditation through the New England Association for Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the main accrediting institution in the region. Alhuda Academy’s purpose in working toward accreditation is not only to be recognized as an established school in the region, but also to further the progress of the school through quality assurance and school improvement evaluated against a set of recognized standards. Once accreditation is awarded, Alhuda Academy will further benefit from the ability to apply for grants from a wider range of sources.

Who is actively working on the accreditation?

Alhuda Academy created a steering committee which oversees the accreditation process by establishing committees, setting deadlines, and reviewing reports
The steering committee consists of:
Chairman: Mohammad Abdurahman (NE Council of Islamic Schools)
Member: Daoud Ali (board representative)
Member: Nabila Mohammed (administration representative)
Member: Maha Bugrara (teacher representative replaced this year by Nana Abdelkader)
Member: Gwen Moselhy (parent representative)
Member: Amina El-Alami (Principal)

In addition, a number of parents have joined teachers, administrators, and board members on the various committees to investigate the standards.

What standards is Alhuda being evaluated against?

NEASC Commission established fifteen standards of quality assurance that all schools must meet. Each standard has a list of indicators that the standard committee studies. Part I of the Self-Study asks the school to assess itself with regard to each standard and rate its level of compliance.
Standard 1: Mission Statement
Standard 2: School Governance
Standard 3: Student Enrollment
Standard 4: Academic Programs
Standard 5: Students’ Experience
Standard 6: School Resources
Standard 7: Early Childhood Program
Standard 8: Residential Program (not applicable at Alhuda)
Standard 9: School Faculty
Standard 10: School Administration
Standard 11: Evaluation and Assessment
Standard 12: Health and Safety
Standard 13: School Communication
Standard 14: School Infrastructure
Standard 15: Accreditation Process
How far is Alhuda from completing this process?

Alhuda’s accreditation steering committee is putting the final touches on 11 standards. Three standards are still in the works and are expected to be completed by the end of October.
Phase II of the self-study will be devoted to reflection on all 14 standards, and drawing together ideas for school improvement by identifying areas of priority, highlighting recommendations, and identifying issues for further discussion. A final long-term strategic plan is derived from this phase.

During the third week of March, Alhuda Academy will host a visiting committee of 9 educators. The visiting committee will independently assess and rate the school’s compliance. The visiting committee will report its findings to NEASC Commission which will then decide on whether or not to confer accreditation on Alhuda Academy.

What can you do to make this process successful?

Alhuda Academy considers each family an integral part for the success of the accreditation process. Here are some ways you can help support the work:

• Learn Alhuda’s mission statement by heart
• Read all updates about accreditation / go to Alhuda’s website
• Answer surveys promptly
• Consider participating in one of the committees
• Consider being part of Phase II
• Consider offering support in applying recommendations from the self-study
• Be ready to answer questions from the visiting committee in March

In summary, offer your help and the steering committee will present you with one of its needs. But most importantly, make Duaa’ for Alhuda’s success in this process.

(Some sections have been extracted from the Manual for School Evaluation).

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